Putumayo World Music : Café Cubano

Concerning World genre, Putumayo needs no introduction. Their compilations have been, for many, really informative in terms of discovering musical gems. For the reason that these works are less likely to appear on the current top charts.

Café Cubano is one of the Café compilation albums issued by Putumayo. This album has the right waves, enough to send you sinking through bongo echoes,sharp maracas sounds and in evoking a cuban life you never lived.

This is all natural, as it features divinely talented musicians such as José Condé, Pedro Luis Ferrer, Asere and many more. Well Café Cubano tastes like heavenly sweetness to all the open palates.

Putomayo has provided a 1min stream only of each track on Bandcamp and the full length album can be purchased on the record label’s official site:


By Akshar Mohnish.



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