Amara Touré 1973​-​1980 : A Compilation by Analog Africa

Amara Touré, a forgotten legend, was brought back to light by the German record label Analog Africa. During Amara Touré’s several years with music, he recorded a total of 10 songs which were enough for him to be considered as a legend.

Amara Touré’s interpretation of Cuban music was astonishingly incredible and this was how Ibra Kassé, producer and owner of the Miami nightclub in Dakar, first recruited the artist into Le Star Band de Dakar in 1958. The band rose to the top and became Dakar’s number one.

Ten years after joining the Senegalese band, Touré received an undeniable offer and in 1968, he headed to Cameroon along with some Senegalese musicians to form what is called the Black and White Ensemble. There, after performing many live gigs, or cabarets, Touré started recording his first songs.  A total of three singles were produced between 1973 and 1976. These singles represents the first six songs on this compilation.

After much success in Cameroon and beyond, in 1980, Amara Touré went to Libreville in Gabon to team up with the colossal Orchestre Massako. During that period, Touré recorded an LP which was considered as one of the best African albums. The songs from that LP are the last four on this compilation.

After releasing the LP and after leaving the Orchestre Massako, Amara Touré seems nowhere to be found. Even his childhood friends and his music partners, with whom he closely collaborated, have none of his news and whereabouts. Amara Touré has managed to stay behind the spotlight throughout his career, concerning african music references, only half a line is dedicated to him.

The afro-cuban artist believed that the Latin genre is no stranger to african culture. His music says it all.

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By Akshar Mohnish.


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