Yarah Bravo : Love Is The Movement

Love Is The Movement are words from the heart brought out in rhythms by the Swedish-born Chilean/Brazilian Yarah Bravo. This album is all written and vocalised by her and features several contributing wizards, so be prepared for anything.

Freedom Fighters is about not giving up and struggle no matter what. Dj Vadim enveloped those words through his beats and Kathrin D’boer’s voice resounded along Yarah’s. Leader is a one track that has those “love at first listen” traits, well that’s the Jukebox Champions’ signature I believe.

Other feat. contributing artists are Fab Fusion, The Krauts & Miss Platinum, TrommelTobi, Miss III, Hazim, Blueberry, Chrisfader and Dj Buzz. How can you not be delighted?

Yarah Bravo is undebatably an icon in today’s “non-mainstream” music field. Why? well she’s not the kind to follow any trend, literally. She runs her own label, hosts her own parties, makes her own videos, records her own vocals, promotes herself and other artists as well. She also designs her own clothes and has her own pop up boutique named Captain Love Bubble found in East London.

Bravo is the founding member of London’s homeslice group One Self (Ninja Tune) along with Dj Vadim and Rum13. She has also a cultured experience in collaboration; Bravo made art along Nightmares on Wax, Organized Threat, A state Of Mind, etc.. and shared stages with artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy,Fat Freddys Drop and Asian Dub Foundation.

Be cool and Order on Bandcamp, with just a click, and let the world know what you think ’bout it.


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