The odd trio have welcomed a new member. Saxophonist Leland Whitty joins the canadian group formed in Toronto and contributes as the fourth comrade for their upcoming album. Coming out on the 8th july, this is IV by BADBADNOTGOOD.

2 tracks are currently available for purchase and listen on their Bandcamp page. Speaking Gently has that space rhythm and it starts as a hip hop tune, then that’s where Alex Sowinski, on the drums, changes course to something faster through flying beats.. and oh, there’s a saxophonist now, the jazzy stuff is brought to another level from halfway and mind-blows any cultivated ear.

Times moves slow is the 3rd track on the album. Vocalist Sam Herring features and dropped on this track along with the quartet. Well, after listening to this, you’ll realize how great this album will be and why many consider this as the best they’ve heard from BBNG to date. The guitar strings tend to keep smooth, you first, and the other instruments fall right into where the deep-toned vocal leads it to. How? give it a listen mate.

The 4th track on the album, Confessions Pt II (Feat. Colin Stetson), is also available for stream on BBNG’s Soundcloud page. On this one, time move actually quite fast and you’re submerged in seconds within the saxophone’s mercy and is accompanied thoroughly with the deep bass by Chester Hansen, like it’s holding your hand in a mad world.


The album will be released on the, US based, record label Innovative Leisure, which hosts other artists such as Hanni El Khatib, Gossamer, Allah-Las, Nosaj Thing and much more. Pre-Order on Bandcamp, with just a click, and let the world know what you think about it.



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