Event x Culture_ The Sound of LeftO

The Sound of. hits the scene with full force this month with tastemakers from Brussels, the mighty LeftO [Brownswood Recordings] along with the vigorous Fatoosan [Supafly Collective], and brace up as their sole intention is to blow up your mind and leave you amazed..

The Sound of LeftO – Chapter One – Voices & Music

To widen the LeftO and Fatoosan experience, a first chapter will be held on the 12th of August, crazy innit? It will be held at the Sunset Café  and the more amazing fact is that during the event, a network forum about electronic music and DJing plus a Question&Answer session from LeftO will be featured. As well as a showcase for the cultivated listeners of our island, this is also a really good opportunity for any local DJ and Producers to know more about LeftO and even grab some tips in beatmaking.


On the 20th, a new edition of the Palaxa Master Klub, The Sound of LeftO hits Réunion Island at La Cité des Arts. The Lineup got everything to make you wonder; LeftO and Fatoosan will be groovin’ the mood and the Mauritius based project Fourmi Rouz, and the Réunion island’s artist Uli Kunkel will daze you through this, night till day. Save the date les reunionnais!


PMK / Sound Of LeftO


The main course will be set on the upcoming 27th at Le Phare Kiltir Loft and everything leads to believe that it will simply be.. massive. Last year, LeftO featured on the astounding Sound of Porlwi and this time things will get a whole lot better with Fatoosan on board. Ill Mo’s soulshakers Matsonic, Cheval, E.N.D along with Music Kabinet’s Honcho and le ‘maître du shaman’ of Fourmi Rouz Maxi and Sakti P, will be, as always, hailing and providing with dem beats that keep you moving.

More information will be displayed on the event’s page so watch out for that.


The Sound of LeftO


Who are dem folks?

_The Sound of. is an ongoing event started in 2010 by a bunch of friends who are passionate about music and arts and wanted to share their vision of a party in the tropics to the rest of the island. It started out an outer islet in 2010, and quickly escalated and was defined as ‘party of the year’ by many. Styles and methods have been adopted by many around the country.

The ‘Sound of’ parties adapted to different musical environments and kept on going annually. Some of their notable events are namely

Sound of Filaos ’11 [Radioslave/UK]

Sound of Filaos ’12 [Grouch/NZ]

Sound of Fields ’14 [Secret Cinema/NL]

Sound of Porlwi ’15 [La Foule, Bwa Maron, Lefto/BEL]

Sound of Nickodemus ’16 [Nickodemus/NY, Zero dB/UK, Grouch/NZ, Fourmi Rouz, Ill Mo’]

And not to forget their co production for Dance for the Future and the on the recent jazz dedicated festival MAMA JAZ.

As always, the Sound of. is considered as a gathering where the norms only concern self-expression and a mutual respect among everyone present so as to keep the love and vibe flowing. So do not overthink, just grab your tickets and save the date to be part of the culture on the 12th ,20th and 27th  along with LeftO and Fatoosan!



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