O’Flynn : Oberyn​/​Spyglass

Things you need on a bright day, well obviously shades and a good sound set having Blip Discs releases on repeat !

This 2 track record, about only 9 minutes, when disregarding lousy math can seem much longer when dwelled through the depth of O’Flynn‘s world.

First track; Oberyn, propels the listener to a seemingly undesigned percussive environment where things just get crazier and hyped up until, a smooth rhythm holds your hand only to drop you in a deep sea of bass till you’re at the epicenter of it. That was simply the definition of wicked, look it up…along with the tune.

Spyglass introduces itself with dreamy synths, already bracing you for something jazzy ahead, until an imposing beat-structure drops its might upon. Talking about jazz? then may the sax be heard, existent and necessary, showing itself off and announcing the second half of the track, all to be later embraced by a subtle and manoeuvred guitar picking.

Blip Discs is a UK based record label run by, dj and producer, Tom Blip, featuring O’Flynn and Spooky-J. It’s all about a record label providing unique, beat-dedicated, listening experience to each cultivated listener…Ears open, mind open.

Order the Ep with a simple click and share with us and the world of how you feel about the artwork. Moreover, upcoming on Blip Discs, Limbo Yam/Pfer by Spooky-J.



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