Medlar : RVRT009

Had the first-ear to Medlar’s on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel show and been hooked up as many; with his handmade and mostly unreleased tracks throughout his podcast. Initial reflex was to dig out his records with his signed label, Wolf Music, and to my demise I just couldn’t get my hands on it and left with a terrible earworm… but that was before.

Out on Riverette, *gosh.. just had to look on another label*, one of those tracks can be found and it’s Juno featuring the mighty Ishmael… yeah it’s the sole track from the podcast tho; so let us just talk about this fabulous release that is just enough to let you have a peek on how insane this guy can get on the depths of production.

Early Winter Light is actually something that you could put up with a late night dance or d’écoute, with its heavy throbbing bass that’ll drop on halfway until the end; and to liven the hype, as we’re never sick of that, FYI Chris joins the production and reworks the artwork with a significant & omnipresent percussion; as expected from the beatsmith. The journey still has another checkpoint and is the altering All One Machine… altering? indeed; as this track starts with an analog lullaby that’ll already set you in such an airy space and which just shifts, subtly, to a deep house craft of which you may indulge in the how’s. Better option? just let yourself to the groove.

On that note; you can also support the artist by purchasing this release on Bandcamp, also letting the world know your thoughts about it, or on other platforms for only €4 the digital format.


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