Astrophonica : Gradients

Having heard from them since early 2002, the duo made up of Charlie Fieber and Nelson Bayomy are far from being new to the scene and still boldly kicking, with this year’s compilation release of Astrophonica, their own music label. This is about Fracture & Neptune, and some damn good music.

Offshore recordings, Ohm Resistance, Droppin Science, Med School and a seemingly never-ending list of record labels is what consist of the duo’s discography, with up to 30 releases that will drive you off-tracks upon indulging and also left with a love for their peculiar-genre music; which is better left uncategorised.

More of a jungle-oriented and footwork electronic, their sounds root from such influence but as a whole are music of real exclusive material. Although, the love of their influences and to those genres that drove many of us forward musically, they founded their own music label, Astrophonica, and put out some full-volume worthy releases as from 2009.

On the later following years, Astrophonica welcomes releases from near-extreme poly-versed artists including Dawn Day Night, Sully, Rider Shafique and more. To this day, all these contributed to Astrophonica’s very first various artists compilation; a full-length project made up of the heaviest, vibrating and laying out the direction of the label in each and every tracks.

Our favorites are literally nearly all of them; massive bangers from the label’s regulars Sam Binga, Fracture, Tusais and Moresounds; along with tech and hazy themes from Touchy Subject and Sully. Also, mighty tunes from guest artists such as dBridge, Stray and a collab from Teklife’s Dj Earl along with Fracture. Mad blends’ the trend.

On those notes, chords and waveforms; you can also support the crew by purchasing Gradients on Bandcamp, also letting the world know your thoughts about it, for only £8 the digital format and for the enthusiastic that’s £20 the wax.

Also, heads up for the label’s new release by Lewis James; Shapeshifter, out on October 13th.  In the meanwhile, one track is up for stream and it’s charged.


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