Moses Sumney : Aromanticism

What does it mean or feel to be in solitude?, in a fast-pacing world where interaction is a norm and where such inaction is criticised; while all critics subconsciously just do what they do, to be part of a majority; in fear of being different and avoided.

Moses Sumney is one of those artists that questions as such and bring about energies throughout their art, evoking what they express and which any attentive ear would catch; like a fabulous cold. With a falsetto-scape environment, the vocals are pretty unique and along with the ideas and music, this project is pretty much easily one of the best of this year.

Out on Jagjaguwar Records, Sumney’s debut album ‘Aromanticism‘ drops out tomorrow. Awaited by many, 3 tracks has already been made available for stream, including the single ‘Doomed’ that was released in June, and they’re all singing out loud about how epic the whole album will be.
The album depicted as ‘Aromanticism‘ is not about plainly rejecting all what’s about romance, but rather in the perspective of one being alone and defying constricting societal norms around romance. Stark and folk-induced guitar track ‘Indulge me’, is about the essential step-back in enjoying the personal space even if the fast-pace living goes on for others, and that life is not simply determined by who you’re with.

After self-releasing his debut ep Mid-City Island in 2014 during the time he was touring along with Karen O, lead vox for the rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sumney kept on the path of touring with a number of notable artists such as the melodic Sufjan Stevens, James Blake, bass-maestro Thundercat and numerous more.

Also including Solange Knowles; that Sumney collaborated with, and got introduced to Chris Taylor of the rock band Grizzly Bear, which later led to the Seeds/Pleas EP released on Taylor’s imprint Terrible Records.

On those notes, chords and ideas; you can also support Moses Sumney by pre-ordering Aromanticism on Bandcamp, or through the label’s official site also letting the world know your thoughts about it; for only $10 the digital format, $12.99 for the CD and $19.99 for the wax.


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