Jordan Rakei : Wallflower

Unexpectedly and with an unwelcoming trait, inner demons appear and claim so much from you; while you consciously vent away their presence with a fist, and yet, unknowingly and subtly lend the other hand to their demise.

Social anxiety and introversion is a daily battle for those seeking to break-out of those definitions, only to pursue dreams silently dreamt, share ideas covered in dust, meet the world that we admire so much and to simply bloom along with the garden, no more as a wallflower.

Freshly signed to Ninja Tune, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Rakei depicts how such feelings surround him and how he emotionally responded through his second full-length album, Wallflower, which he considers as his most personal work up to now.

The album is leant to a soul emanating environment, yet it’s seemingly a genre that doesn’t describe it in its whole. The atmosphere just shifts, as mood swings, through the tracks across and it just seems that thrills stems out from various fields of rhythms.

In 2014, Rakei released his first EP ‘Groove Curse‘ on Brisbane’s record label Soul Has No Tempo; followed with the sharp turn in his musical path when he headed to London and released his first full-length album ‘Cloak‘.
Moreover, out on the british soil, he met with various artists including Rhythm Section’s Bradley Zero who leant him at experimenting with the electronic side of sound, to later fruitfully design Joy, Ease, Lightness under the Dan Rye monicker.

On those notes, souls and emotion; you can also support the artist by purchasing Wallflower on Bandcamp, also letting the world know your thoughts about it, for only £8 the digital format and £21 the wax.


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