Fused from from the imagination of K15, Tottenham’s jazzlectic expression is signed Culross Close

Kieron Ifill or better known as K15, striked early this year with ‘Moments’, through his recently formed monicker Culross Close. The band has put up with their second release and this seemingly grips and focuses on the aesthetic of their instrumentations.

Culross Close has been depicted by K15 that the project is a ‘weird imaginary band’; where each different members play their part but where the musicians are also figments of Ifill’s imagination. Culrosse Close is another form of Ifill’s expression, nevertheless this time, he gathered musicians who live in the same note as he lives, a total unison.
Their latest album illustrates the importance of existing in the moment, rather than spending our lives pursuing the quintessence.

On their first album ‘Home’, inspiration was drawn from the band’s experience to their homeplace with depiction of their perspective on North London’s life-events. As related by Joe Mills of STW, Ifill surveyed the post-riots of Tottenham through the Home album. Although based on and inspired from an infamous subject, this does not prevent the soundscape to lead to a warm avenue.

With Moments, the instruments concerned are same but the emphasis is of another span. More focused, sharper and rhythms of a stomping nature. This happened through the evident accentuation of May Goode’s drum work and Eli Emmanuel’s part on the bass; clearly heard on Slow Your Stroll and Unison. Manifesto and Inna Trice holds similar instrumental aspects but in more freeform measures. On its core, the work on the keys and synth still is present and leading us through the variations.
Similarly as their first album, Moments does not deliver in length but is still captivating in its context. Maybe we can expect the band to be releasing similar episodes in their future works. 

McBride Wilson for Hyponik,”K15: Blessed”

Recently, on my job with with electrocaïne, the chance to interview K15 occurred. The process took its time as Ifill’s schedule is packed with his various projects, having now 4 different aliases, and also as someone who mainly works an English teacher. His positive response to do the podcast left me in awe, and the mix itself had me taking a knee. And actually, all of his mixes/podcast that can be found are simply and just real fun music journeys.


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