With expertise from Tame Impala, the Australian alternative scene holds their trump card’s latest album entitled ‘The Weather’

Australian based alternative band, ‘Pond’, makes their entrance with their dashing debut ‘The Weather’. Released in mid-2017, the album comes with a 10-track package, and globally touches on different aspects of instrumentations and vocals, all belonging to a psychedelic and soft-rock world they intend to make a listener travel around.

The album starts off heavyweight, with the synth driven lullaby weighing and titled ‘30000 Megatons’. The song is pretty light-headed when it comes to to the first minute and a half with an ambient/airy synth slowly flowing and following the higher-note vocals; nevertheless, this could be depicted as the ‘calm before the storm’ when it comes to what follows after the two-minute bar; a violent increase in the bass speed, nearly hypnotising and epileptic. This could be the reason why this particular track was actually released the day Trump got voted in. 

Regardless of a violent rollercoaster ride, ’30000 Megatons’ has been marvellously positioned on the intro of this album and give this proper shake that you are going onto an external journey, such as the necessary turbulences that’ll remind you of the seatbelt fastening.

Sweep off my feet’ is deep, again on the synth, but hell its greatly positioned on our favourites of this album with a solid drum-work and the psychedelic mood well present on this one. Moving a leap onto the list, for the cold-headed and giving a grand-theft-auto feeling, ‘Colder Than Ice’ is served as a track worthy to floss on, and with a retro attitude of course. 

Edge of the World’ comes into two parts, each having their own might and really pointing out the global approaches in coming up with different aspects in their instrumentations and vocals, in one context and telling the same story. Both are intrinsically dreamy mood pieces and again  propels to this retro age.

For the sake of the cheesiest, our favourite this time is really the title track ‘The Weather’; as a track evoking space and an outer-world robotic voice, smooth and adequate for a space and psychedelic travel.

Those holding the reigns and creating the depths of the band Pond are Nick Allbrook on the vocals, multi-instrumentalist Joe Ryan, keyboardist Jamie Terry and drummer Jay Watson. Eventually, some name are really familiar to Tame Impala figures; specifically of Jay Watson which is currently in both Pond and TI, and Nick Allbrook a former TI member. 

Pond could be pictured as a head-in-clouds version of Tame Impala, that scopes and dwells more on the psychedelic dimension; while Tame Impala’s arsenal shoots more towards alternative.
Album is still fresher than ever, support the project through bandcamp or any other platforms where you send money to the band. $$$.


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