Into The Arms of Stillness with Daniel Avery

Words by Sally McVeay

The 40-minute travel from the north back home is dramatic. It’s a ride through bright yellow plains, dark green leafy trees and heartwarming air. It helps me feel lonely in a good way… I wonder if there have been more forests instead of all those sugarcane fields. Now that I think of it, sugarcane fields are like, really a lot across all nice roadsides. Did I get side-tracked after 2 lines only? wow.

It’s wonderful how my mind wanders and seeks to find new things to think of, look at or contemplate on. What sparked this curiosity today along my inspiring drive back home is a small EP called Into The Arms of Stillness by Daniel Avery (:

I think there’s a lot of inspiration to find from our environment and surroundings. From streets to beaches and parks to concrete jungles and crowded cities. There’s much to be drawn from these synthetic and organic spaces. In the context of these 3 artworks by Avery, it was written at the very edge of his home-country, where views across the water without a single sight on the horizon induces an atmosphere and an environment in the very mind of the artist.

Similar to these lush landscapes, the aesthetics of the track structures are fun, spacious and of somewhat an unknowing warmth.

For the record, Daniel Avery is a British based producer known for his releases on Phantasy Sound. If this doesn’t ring a bell yet, he is also well known for his 2013 album ‘Drone Logic’. Which is a different landscape from what he proposes today.

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in while, you could miss it..."


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