“Marley Carroll’s ‘Voices’: An Emotionally Charged Album That Transports You Beyond the Dancefloor”

Marley Caroll a une méthode de production sonore qui transcende le style typiquement associée au genre électronique. Loin d’être distant ou réservé, sa musique possède une rare chaleur et une profondeur émotionnelle, révélant une vulnérabilité qui parle directement au cœur. Les mélodies sont riches et expressives, tissant une toile de son qui persiste longtemps après que les dernières notes se sont estompées.

From Asheville North Carolina,  producer Marley Carroll is behind some electronic music constructions of a lush caliber. Carroll’s musical style is an intriguing fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and experimental music. He has serenaded his listeners with his soul-stirring melodies in several albums and EPs, including “Sings” (2006), “Melanaster” (2010), “Flight Patterns” (2013), and “Periphery” (2018) and voices freshly released in 2022. 

Caroll has a way of producing sounds that transcends the typical cool often associated with the electronic genre. Rather than being distant or aloof, the music possesses a rare warmth and an emotional depth, revealing a vulnerability that speaks directly to the heart. The melodies are rich and expressive, weaving a tapestry of sound that lingers long after the final notes have faded away. This was majestically translated on his track ‘Shiver’ and ‘Fireflies’ from his 2013 album ‘Flight Patterns’

His new album ‘Voices’ packs more than a punch, while being gentle in its delivery. As many artists may relate to, in their own respect and field, Caroll described finding his solace and inspiration far from other humans, specifically from the time he spends in nature and alone.

Nonetheless His perspective changed with the pandemic, where people turned introverted by force and isolation was a necessary norm. This album sources from the inspiration of meeting up with people, while being isolated. Caroll describes this work as being ‘’born from the heartache of missing the rave’’. 

Our big highlight on this album is ‘the one’. This track starts with an emotional but tweaked vocal enveloped in a discreet synth that turns out very imposing on the drop. It is advisable not to lose track of the synthesiser while listening through, as the nuance of this texture will brightens up all other elements present on the track. At the 1min bar, the underlying drum-n-bass packs through, with the melody of the track unveiled. 

The 4-track album possess an elaborate beat structure from head to toe, with ‘Hearbeats’ and ‘Stay’ artfully blending the intensity of the dancefloor with the wistful nostalgia of late-night afters. It sounds like a journey that encompasses a full range of emotions, with moments of heartache and longing, interspersed with fleeting glimpses of joy and the bitter twinge of regret. The beat is relentless, urging the listener to move while simultaneously tugging at the heartstrings. It’s a testament to the power of music to evoke deep emotions and transport their listener to a different time and place.

On those notes and ideas; you can support Marley Caroll by purchasing Voices on Bandcamp and letting the world know your thoughts about it; for only $4 the digital format and $20 for the wax.


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