Music Without Borders with Babani Records: KAN and JO BISSA’s Fusion for Environmental Responsibility

Parmi les EPs fraîchement sortis de Babani Records, un label engagé à propulser encore plus la culture mauricienne à travers des collaborations locales et internationales, “Mourgat Pé Dansé” et “Enn Losean Vivab” témoignent de cet esprit collaboratif.

Ces collaborations sont un appel à l’action, nous exhortant à prendre la responsabilité de notre impact sur le monde naturel. À travers leur musique, KAN et JO BISSA espèrent inspirer les publics du monde entier à agir et à créer un océan plus vivable pour les générations futures.

As dynamic as the music industry can be, it is always reinvigorating when artists from different corners of the world converge to create unique and powerful artworks. The freshly released EP by Babani Records, a label committed to propelling further the Mauritian culture through local and international collaborations, is a testament to this collaborative spirit.

KAN’s innovative approach to music-making involves creating instruments from materials found in the environment, including trash. His ardour for environmental advocacy radiates through his innovative initiative “Trash to Music” project. which challenges our assumptions about what music can be.

A perk on this EP is that the title track ”Enn Losean Vivab” is provided in two versions. The first contains the signature percussions of the Mauritian Island, where the bass tags along eloquently through the Ravanne. The second ‘Stripped Down Version’ possess a less imposing bass and free of electronics, where the instruments and the marvelous melody emerge to the forefront.

JO BISSA brings a different energy to the collaboration, with his unique blend of house and exotic rhythms. As a co-founder of the label INI Movement and a member of the international duo UMOJA, JO BISSA is no stranger to pushing boundaries and exploring new soundscapes.

Within 6 months, this collaboration has yielded two EP releases on Babani Records with ”Enn Losean Vivab” and ”Mourgat Pé Dansé”.

Released in late 2022, ”Enn Losean Vivab” or “A Livable Ocean,” is the brainchild of Mauritian artist KAN through his unrelentless endeavour to raise awareness to the general public about the detrimental effects of pollution on Mauritian Waters. This cause evolved into a collaborative endeavor with JO BISSA. This EP brings about more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a statement about the significance of protecting our planet’s natural resources.

Together, KAN and JO BISSA’s music is a fusion of organic sounds, field recordings, and electronic beats. The resulting EP is a powerful reminder of the impact that music can have when it’s infused with purpose and passion.

”Mourgat Pé Dansé” is the second work this collaboration freshly released in May 2023, with 3 tracks full of beat-structures entangled in fresh melodies. ”Mourgat Pé Dansé”, which literally translates to ”Squid is Dancing”, can be attributed to the seemingly chaotic dance that these creatures perform. It has been observed on research that this ‘confusing’ dance actually reveals a choreography that is well organised in time and space.

The title track seems to share the same attributes, with percussions initially mysterious to comprehend but which then reveals the melody of the track around the 1min bar. With attentive listening, one can also hear the squids chanting throughout this tune.

The EPs are a call to action, urging us to take responsibility for our impact on the natural world. Through their music, KAN and JO BISSA hope to inspire audiences around the world to take action and create a more livable ocean for generations to come.


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