Lifafa: Avant-Garde with a Pinch of Nostalgia

Suryakant Sawhney also known as Lifafa began his journey as a filmmaking student to finally land to his home country as a musician imbued with a variety of influences. He made his debut as a vocalist and guitarist with Peter Cat Recording Co. through jazz music. Peter Cat Recording Co. earned their fame with their musical surprises which goes into unexpected ventures.

A Contemporary Movement of Mascarenes’ Music Roots through Zilwala

Words by Teesha Kooraram Zilwala is a Mauritian band that indulges in a unique fusion of maloya and seggae, which they call the maloggae. They bring forth innovation and a contemporary aspect to local music with rather organic sounds like the ‘kayamb’ as percussions. Through the album ‘idantite’ we swing across diverse societal dilemmas and…