Romeo Moon : Walking / Give Everything

After having laid out the album Wander in May 2014, the alternative/exprimental band Romeo Moon comes with a new 2-track ep ‘Walking/Give Everything’.

The Melbourne based collaboration has undoubtedly the ability to leave their fans fascinated by their breathtaking instrumental and vocal skills. Their music has led many of the 90’s rock palates to converge to them and, believe it, they were not disappointed. The resemblance of Romeo Moon’s music to the British rock band Radiohead, is what is getting all those rock-lovers worked up.

This is surely due to the falsetto often reached by, the guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Orr and of the huge work of the band altogether. Moreover, the tracking and mixing by Simon Cotter, who captured the band’s raw mood with gracious techniques, is what created such ambience and as a result made the ep so exquisite.

Order on Bandcamp, with just a click, and let the world know what you think ’bout it.

By Akshar Mohnish.


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