“Marley Carroll’s ‘Voices’: An Emotionally Charged Album That Transports You Beyond the Dancefloor”

From Asheville North Carolina,  producer Marley Carroll is behind some electronic music constructions of a lush caliber. Carroll’s musical style is an intriguing fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and experimental music. He has serenaded his listeners with his soul-stirring melodies in several albums and EPs, including “Sings” (2006), “Melanaster” (2010), “Flight Patterns” (2013), and “Periphery” (2018) and voices freshly released in 2022. 

Ray Fuego’s Vocal Motion and Intent

Through years of blatant and excessive music digging, a side effect is your ears become thirsty for more and more exclusivity. Yet, amongst the pack, there are those tunes employing old rules to glitter, and are always unbelievable and most appetising. When it regards rap, especially, despite having to move fast with words, silence and…

Into The Arms of Stillness with Daniel Avery

From streets to beaches and parks to concrete jungles and crowded cities. There’s much to be drawn from synthetic and organic spaces. In the context of these 3 artworks by Avery, it was written at the very edge of his home-country, where views across the water without a single sight on the horizon induces an atmosphere and an environment in the very mind of the artist.

After Two Decades of Music Production, Relevancy Is Not A Challenge for Machinedrum

Bearing the stage name of Machinedrum and a long standing artist under the umbrella of the Ninja Tune record label, Travis Stewart is settled along with his family in California and now lives a life orbiting around meditation and the process of living with nature. The other essential thing he also revolves around is Technology. Being ‘isolated’ from the fast-paced technological world and rapid culture electronic music is associated to; could lead to believe a person like Stewart becoming outdated or some sort.

German Alternative Duo Lea Porcelain Presents Choirs To Heaven

For melophiles loving the atmosphere that the likes of Radiohead or Coldplay give off, it’s your day as this recommendation is about a record, and a band, that holds both of them music signatures. Scoping into a helluva work of alternative rock and indulging back into one of our favourite genres, ‘Choirs to Heaven’ is one of the most underrated releases of 2021.

Lifafa: Avant-Garde with a Pinch of Nostalgia

Suryakant Sawhney also known as Lifafa began his journey as a filmmaking student to finally land to his home country as a musician imbued with a variety of influences. He made his debut as a vocalist and guitarist with Peter Cat Recording Co. through jazz music. Peter Cat Recording Co. earned their fame with their musical surprises which goes into unexpected ventures.

7 Ethereal Tracks Into the Jungle / Breakbeat Genre’s Posterity

From an original and unique inner-city soundtrack sprung and brewed from the UK in the early ’90s. Throwing in as ingredients influences such as hip-hop, reggae, underground Detroit techno, rare grooves and more. The Jungle or Drum’n’Bass took birth and began all the way from there. Since its appearance on the scene, the genre has…

Desert Bloom : The Pinnacle of a Wildflower

Words by Teesha Kooraram Rachel Nam, also known as Desert Bloom, is a musician and producer based in Montréal. Classical piano and electronic music propelled her towards making intricate and ethereal synth-based music. Rachel Nam also plays bass in Montreal plushcore synth-pop band Magic Perm.  She was born in British Columbia and moved to Montreal…

The Two Sides of Aphex Twin

Having a large audience is great, awesome, and all the superlative that could be associated with it would fit. As a striving or an established artist, this especially means that a monetary inflow would be secured. Amazing? Having a large audience although, also stands for having an audience with expectations. Expectations have dynamics amongst the…

A Contemporary Movement of Mascarenes’ Music Roots through Zilwala

Words by Teesha Kooraram Zilwala is a Mauritian band that indulges in a unique fusion of maloya and seggae, which they call the maloggae. They bring forth innovation and a contemporary aspect to local music with rather organic sounds like the ‘kayamb’ as percussions. Through the album ‘idantite’ we swing across diverse societal dilemmas and…

MAMA JAZ Specials; Self-taught musician Alfa Mist breeds candid mystery, through a veil of distinctive compositions and collaborations

MAMA JAZ Specials;In the context of the only jazz month in the southern hemisphere, and celebration of the Jazz genre in Mauritius; Prior to Knowledge dedicates special reviews on jazz music that have impacted us in ways and lengths. Referring to melodies found in biblical scriptures, Antiphon was contextualised through Alfa Mist’s third release into…

Always-A-Pleasure_ The Ultimate Digging Spree from DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing

Always-A-Pleasure features Classic Reviews; of albums that never fail to amaze. Released in 1996, dedicated crate digger Joshua Davis, or DJ Shadow, debuts with the revolutionary and wide-impacting album Endtroducing.  Record store digging, as pictured by William and Barney Bankhead for the album artwork, has been the process adopted and embraced by Davis to generate…