milo : so the flies don’t come

So the Flies don’t Come is the latest album by the talented rapper, poet and wordsmith Rory Ferreira a.k.a Milo. This album is one quirky listening experience as humour and contemplation is what you’re going into. On top of that, the unique flow from the first track to the last will surely leave you thirsty for another round.

Kenny Segal, is the one behind the depths of the productions here and the one playing a major part in this album. Contributing artists such as Hemlock Ernst, Myka 9, Elucid and Open Mike Eagle make this issue better that it already is.

Album’s out on Ruby Yacht, which is a tape label and maker’s guild based in Milwaukee.

So the Flies Don’t Come was ranked at number 26 on Rolling Stone’s 40 Best Rap Albums of 2015’s list and The New York Observer named it 5th best hip-hop album of 2015. Second track “souvenir ft Hemlock Ernst” was listed by RedEye as one of the 20 best songs of 2015.

Now watch him dance.

Order on Bandcamp, with just a click, and let the world know what you think ’bout it.


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