The Very Polish Cut Outs : Legacy


Zambon and Kacper Kapsa, both disk jockeys and producers from Poland, came up with an idea of promoting Polish music all over the globe by releasing different compilations, mixes and edits. This is how, in 2010, The Very Polish Cut Outs was born and how during their 6 years of work, impacted and left their mark in the music world.

The project took shape with their first release starting with the Polish Edits EP saga. Later the Polish Edits EP is released till its 15th issue. From the 1st EP to the 14th, the artists which made it happen are Old Spice, Mental, Invent, Chlopak Z Sasiedztwa, Maciek Sienkiewicz, Rune Lindbaek, Telephones, Ptaki, Eltron John, Karol Aleksander, Jazxing, Selvy, Zambon and Kasper Kapsa. The 15th and the final Polish Edit EP issue consisted of 15 tracks from 15 different producers. One track or one edit from the EP premiered each week as from the 16th march of 2015.


Some of the edits from the last issue were pressed on wax on the two final Samplers. Samplers? Well it’s The Very Polish Cut-Outs Sampler which were vinyl-only releases of original productions by the artists involved in the Polish Edits EPs.  The Very Polish Cut-Outs Samplers had a total of 5 volumes released between 2013 and 2016.


The Very Polish Cut Outs consist of other vinyl releases that is The Very Yugo Cut Outs and The Very Soviet Cut Outs which is music from Yugoslavie ,from the communist era, and music from the Soviet Union, compiled by talented russian and belarusian producers, respectively. Singles from Ptaki, Eltron John, Eddie C, Zambon and Kacper Kapsa are also found on the project.

Futhermore, several mixtapes were also pulled off and can be listened to, at your ease, on the mixcloud page of The Very Polish Cut Outs.


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