The Acid King’s farewell by producers and artists, all inspired and influenced through an ever-extensive lifework.

Hailed as the ‘King of Acid’, electronic producer Andreas Gehm’s death resonated within the hearts of numerous music producers and DJs; all inspired and influenced in a way or the other by Gehm’s acid compositions. The German producer was suffering from complications and difficulties of a long-lasting health problem. Various electronic artists collaborated and endeavoured in putting together a compilation in attempt to raise funds for Gehm’s care, but his last moments were sudden.

The massive compilation ‘Comp For Andreas Gehm put out featured artists such as Lost Trax, Credit 00, Carlos Nilmmns and extensively more, and each contributing and expressing through music deemed of an album-favourite. Nevertheless, he took his last breath shortly after the release of the 129-track compilation.

Andreas Gehm’s last performance; Milan

Amateur to acid house, I’ve discovered and came to know about the acid king’s work only after his death; and that was through the memorial compilation put together by the Singapore-based label, Midnight Shift, titled ‘To Andreas Gehm’. The album featured an A-team of producers; with works expressed by the mad scientist KiNK, where 1st Electric fuses acid beat structures and dazed rhythmic compounds, the techno-maestro Rivet and wicked acid structures from Basic Soul Unit; amongst others. All relating and translating their own experiences and influence of Gehm’s music.

With the acid king’s passing away, such fundraising compilations have added up to Gehm’s discography as perspectives, ideas, inspirations and good moments; that contributing artists have obtained and experienced through the late producer’s music. 

Andreas Gehm
Having his own record space and founder of Cologne Underground Records, he also released on various other record labels such as Solar One Music, Mathematics Recordings, Midnight Shift Records, Germany-based Chiwax and more. 

He released and collaborated on singles and EPs along the likes of Helena Hauff, Hard Ton and Steve Poindexter. Notably, with his epic full length album Black Pukee, Gehm made the point on how he can bring the analog waves to a highly punctuated dimension; with highlight ‘Shake Your Acid’ and ‘Xpress URself’ belonging to the types that instantly propels anyone in front of a powered speaker to move, a lot. 

The world needed more of this music, RIP.


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