Yolke : Real Memories

After Poppy Wash and Syrup, the first two album issued by the artist Yolke, Real Memories Ep is released on Fallopian Tunes.

This third installment is rock solid on the drums.. take chilango for instance; the distorted effects and momentaneous guitar playing is going to get you out of any concentration and it’s only the clear handling of the drums that’s going to keep your feet on soil. easy is based on melodious chords, a steady drum, this time, and the vocals which would be the icing on the cake.

waves is a real deal of synth and analog-noised vocals which is unpredictable until the track touches the end, amen… tense is a one that has the fast beats and a real slow vox, well it got nothing to actually make anyone tense and in fact mellows your soul out.

That said, Yolke is a four piece who actually make music out of everything, even from noise. It consists of Nickolas Sullivan, Errol Green, Matt Spisbah and Stef Condello. Extra vocals for the track easy is thanks to Camilla Chapman. All tracks were written, recorded and produced by the band at Love Trap Studios, Thornbury, Melbourne.

Order on Bandcamp, with just a click, and let the world know what you think ’bout it.


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