In Love With A Ghost : healing

Out on Z Tapes records; the unrequited french-based artist, In Love With A Ghost, gives us a profound peak into his imagination through his latest project; healing. Likely as a world of enchantment through the passing minutes, this album gets warmer and cozier as the different, yet ‘similar’, atmospheres kick in.

This world seems to be a being having three aspects that is witches, friendship and magic. My favourite part? definitely the wicked roll and my top recommended would be the track enveloping all three aspects; i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we’re best friends brings up such mesmerising feelings and evokes a wonderland of colours and all shapes of which we all dreamt in being when we were still unprepared for society, the damn society.

The album carries on the trek to the land of awe through the magical productions; and the quirky titles’ still gives us another deeper peek into the imagination haven of the artist. To help in illustrating it further, sarlis‘ art makes the point on the visual side and this may have been the determining fact in making me dream in the format of those drawings; evidence of a graphic lead rh.

Well, it’s just bees and things and flowers; healing is just one of those kinds you’ll just need to take a step either back or forth.

Healing is enabled for free download and you could be awesome, as the tracks, by buying it; for the support of the artist by naming your price.


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